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Building Faith, Building Home

Any of his people among you may go up to Jerusalem in Judah and build the temple of the LORD, the God of Israel, the God who is in Jerusalem, and may their God be with them.

Ezra 1:3


At King of Kings Community Herzliya, we're embarking on a transformative journey — and we invite you to be a part of it. The Ezra Project is not just about constructing walls; it's about creating a home where faith, hope, and love can flourish.


In the heart of Herzliya, we envision a place more than a building. This will be a sanctuary for growth, learning, and community — a place where every person can find a spiritual home. Our project is named after Ezra, a biblical figure who led the rebuilding of the temple, symbolizing our commitment to constructing a vibrant community space.

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As our congregation grows, so does our need for a dedicated space. Our current rental can no longer contain the breadth of our vision. The Ezra Project represents a leap of faith towards a permanent home where we can welcome more, do more, and be more.

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  • A Welcoming Auditorium: Space for 200 people to worship and gather.

  • Children's Areas: Safe, engaging environments where our youngest members can learn and play.

  • Multipurpose Rooms: For education, meetings, and community outreach.

  • A Hub for Community Service: Extending our mission beyond Saturday services.


Support Our Financial Goal

The Ezra Project is an ambitious endeavor with a total cost of $8 million, aimed at creating a permanent home for our community. This project is divided into two phases:

Phase 1: Raise an additional $5.5 Million USD, expanding our reach to include the larger King of Kings network, public donations, and continued support from foundations.

Phase 1: Raise $2.5 million raise from our congregation, strategic partners, and foundations. This initial phase lays the groundwork for our future home. 

Spread the Word

Talk about The Ezra Project with friends and family. Share our story and vision within your community. Your advocacy amplifies our reach and helps us connect with more supporters.

Pray for Success

We believe in the power of prayer. Pray for the successful funding and completion of each phase and for the future impact of our new home on the community.

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As contributions pour in for this project, we eagerly anticipate advancing through various stages of its realization.

  • Stage 1: Acquiring the property (with an estimated investment of $5 Million USD)

  • Stage 2: Enhancing the sanctuary and crafting a welcoming foyer within the existing garage space

  • Stage 3: Expanding our educational and hospitality offerings with additional classrooms and guest accommodations on the upper floors, while also enhancing parsonage apartment space

  • Stage 4: Creating additional usable space by excavating beneath the sanctuary for more classrooms and storage facilities

Please note that these stages are subject to modification based on our evolving needs and the generous support received. And as long as the current building has the ability to adequately meet our congregation’s needs and ministry opportunities, the purchase, development, and expansion of this building remain the main thrust of this project. However, we also remain open to the leading of God, recognizing that He may reveal alternative spaces yet unseen to us.


True to our mission of extending our impact beyond our walls, we always believe in the principle of sowing and reaping, and we regularly commit 10% of all gifts towards life-transforming organizations and ministries. The Ezra Project is no different, and we commit to give 10% of all gifts received towards benefitting organizations that actively work towards making a difference in our community.

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With a total project cost of $8 million, The Ezra Project is both a challenge and an opportunity for our community to grow stronger and more vibrant. Every donation, prayer, and word of support brings this vision closer to reality. Contact us to learn more about how you can make a lasting impact on King of Kings Community Herzliya and help us build a home where faith and community thrive.

  • Why Herzliya?
    Herzliya was chosen for its vibrant community and its strategic location just north of Tel Aviv. This city, known for its innovation and growth, offers a unique opportunity for our congregation, King of Kings Community Herzliya, to serve in a dynamic and diverse environment. As the sole Messianic congregation in Herzliya, we are positioned to share the love of Yeshua with a broad audience, leveraging the city's characteristics to foster a community of faith, family, and outreach.
  • Where is your congregation meeting now?
    Currently, our congregation meets in our rented space within a residential neighborhood in Herzliya, a facility we are outgrowing. Despite its limitations, this space has served as a home for our worship services, community activities, and children's classes, embodying our commitment to faith and fellowship in the heart of the city.
  • How much do the building and renovations cost?
    The total project, encompassing the purchase of the property, purchase taxes, the full renovations and build-out, furnishings, all architectural and design fees, and giving away 10% is estimated to require a fundraising goal of $8 million USD.
  • How does the size of the renovated space compare to what you are renting now?
    The renovated space will significantly expand our capacity, effectively doubling the size of our current rental space. With our present facility accommodating about 90 people at its limit, the new building is envisioned to house a gathering space for approximately 200 people, alongside dedicated classrooms and offices. This expansion will enable us to offer a broader range of services and programs, addressing the multifaceted growth of our community.
  • Why is this so expensive? Couldn’t you find something cheaper?
    Unfortunately, real estate in Israel is very expensive, even more so in the center of the country. Here are some numbers for comparison: Monthly rent in a small three-bedroom apartment in an older building is about $2,000 USD. Currently, our congregation’s monthly rent is around $10,000 USD, and rent is only going to increase over the next years and decades. The purchase price of the three-bedroom apartment is over $500,000 USD. Purchasing a property big enough to be a gathering and a ministry space for our community will quickly reach a price point of $5 million USD or more.
  • Why do you need to buy the property?
    Purchasing the property is a strategic decision to ensure long-term stability and sustainability for our congregation. With rental costs in Israel continuing to rise, owning our space will allow us to allocate resources more effectively towards community growth and outreach, rather than to recurring rental expenses. This move is a pivotal step towards creating a permanent home for our community, where we can continue to grow and serve for generations to come. In addition, Messianic believers and ministries in Israel often experience opposition. If we want to build a lasting testimony in a particular place, it would be far better to own than to rent as we will be less vulnerable to conflict.
  • Where is the building?
    The building intended for The Ezra Project is located within Herzliya, chosen for its accessibility and potential to serve as a central hub for our congregation and community outreach activities. Located in a residential neighborhood, it’s positioned to engage in the city's vibrant character and to contribute to our mission of spreading faith and fellowship. Our current building aligns well with our congregation and ministry endeavors, making it our primary consideration at this time. Nevertheless, we remain receptive to God's guidance, acknowledging His potential to unveil unseen alternative spaces to us.
  • When do you expect the new building to be ready?
    The readiness of the new building will depend on the success of our fundraising efforts and the renovation timeline. With the initial phase of fundraising set to conclude in February 2026. Our goal is to have the new building ready for occupancy and fully operational within one year from the start of renovations, aiming for a grand opening in 2029. This timeline is subject to change based on fundraising progress and construction developments.
  • How can I pray for The Ezra Project?
    Prayer is a powerful way to support The Ezra Project. Here are specific prayer points to guide you: Provision: Pray for the financial resources needed to meet the project's goals, including the purchase of the property and the costs of renovations. Ask for generosity among donors and for funding to come in a timely and miraculous way. Wisdom: Seek guidance and wisdom for the leadership team managing The Ezra Project. Pray that their decisions are led by discernment and a clear vision for the future of King of Kings Community Herzliya. Community Impact: Pray for the congregation and the wider community of Herzliya. Ask that this project would not only provide a physical space, but that it would facilitate us to direct our energies on spiritual growth and bringing more individuals into a life-changing relationship with Yeshua. Long-term Vision: Uphold the long-term vision of The Ezra Project, that it would be a beacon of hope and a hub of community service, impacting lives well beyond its walls.
  • How else can I help?
    Beyond prayer, there are several practical ways you can support The Ezra Project: Financial Support: Consider making a donation to The Ezra Project, whether as a one-time gift or a recurring contribution. Every amount, no matter how small, helps us move closer to our goal. Spread the Word: Help raise awareness about The Ezra Project by sharing information with your network. Social media, church announcements, and personal conversations are great ways to inform others and encourage their support. Corporate Sponsorships and Partnerships: If you have connections to businesses or foundations that might be interested in supporting The Ezra Project, facilitating an introduction could lead to significant partnerships. Stay Informed and Involved: Keep up with The Ezra Project's progress through updates, newsletters, or project meetings. Staying informed allows you to tailor your prayers and support more effectively as needs evolve.
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